a little bit about us

husband and wife

Holly & Gabe Valentino are the co-founders and sole operators of baked to measure. They met in NYC in the fall of 2011 and were married by spring of 2014.

Holly & Gabe have always considered themselves to be creative individuals. Whether it was Holly's love for music and arts & crafts or Gabe's interest in wood-working, they found it increasingly difficult to find the space for their hobbies while living in small NYC apartments.

Shortly after Holly & Gabe met, baking became a natural outlet for their creativity. They found that they enjoyed creating any excuse to bake up fun and festive sweet treats; birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, work potlucks, random Tuesdays – there was always a reason to celebrate! It wasn’t long before they started receiving requests from friends, family & co-workers to make treats for their events...and with that, baked to measure was born!

What started out as a night & weekend side hustle for Holly & Gabe, became Holly's sole focus when she left the corporate world and traded in her measuring tape for measuring spoons. While Gabe's main focus is still his full time city job, he's Holly's favorite web developer & baking partner come (his available) nights & weekends!

Only time will tell where this journey will take them, but for now, it’s time to live the sweet life!